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Dear Diary: Damn, Harvey Specter

My August started to be great. How’s yours?

Nurma Komala-Hadi


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I apologize for not showing you the real picture of Harvey Specter, an average white man whom you could find in lots of Wattpad characters. Rich, smart, sharp, bulletproof, emotionless but deep down he is just a crybaby. I am just trying to avoid any spoilers and it is hard to search his name (specifically looking for his image) without the result bar showing me why Suits (2011–2019) ended up like the 2008 recession.

“You wanna lose small, I wanna big win”.

It’s been quite a long time since I put my affection into characters, specifically in TV Shows. Well, I have The Bear but this one is “ongoing” plus a very depressing show, and “was” Ted Lasso, seriously what the fuck happened with Ted Lasso season 2?

When I said “Damn, Harvey Specter”, I wasn’t referring to escapism. I had a long relationship with movies (well everybody does). I usually spent 9 hours of my day, and 12 hours on the weekend burying myself with everything that my theater teacher had in his movies collection. It was high school time, a habit that was impossible to maintain after college, and now a 9 to 5 job era. I still spare 2 hours of my time every day because it is a habit, do you understand? It’s how I learn culture, language, and sometimes people…a motivation.

Harvey Specter is the exact person I could think about the rational man I wrote in my latest “serious” writing. I wasn’t thinking about Harvey when I wrote that story because I haven’t met him before, as I just start to watch the Suits.

After all, giving respect or being respectful is not about emotional, sentimental, or empathy but the self-quality of someone’s rationality. It’s all about “the brain” not what they usually pointing which is “the heart”.

The self-mastery of Harvey is just excellent. He’s not emotionless but someone who uses emotion in a professional manner. He is an asshole, if you put context to his relationship with Louis. After all, Harvey dares to admit Louis is his rival, someone intellectually equal to him. Please, don’t judge me, I am still somewhere in season 1.

Ted Lasso was supposed to be my optimistic guru — until its toxic positivism and blah, goodness, I think I stopped after that Christmas episode in S2.

Anyway, it’s a little story on this earlier August. How’s yours?

I got my wisdom tooth removal last Friday, the chipmunk's swollen face has passed but I still have some difficulty eating certain food like gorengan for instance.

I hope you have your own inspiration, figures perhaps that actually give you motivation to, you know life. You don’t need to freak out as of now — August means you have 4 months left to unlock whatever goal or resolution you propose at the beginning of 2023. Just don’t let fear consume you to take action on what you are really going to do. There is always a time to restart and reflect.

“Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams, because every second of the search is a second’s encounter with God and with eternity.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist



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